Dental Kits

Kewalraj got into the business of Dental kits a couple of years ago by accident when a close family friend who owned a chain of hotels in India, was very unhappy with the quality of toothbrushes in dental kits that were being used in his Hotels. We developed a high quality Dental kit for him & with Persolised printing on the toothbrush, this became a branding opportunity for the hotel chain. As the hotel customer would carry the toothbrush back with him & remember the Hotel due to the quality of the toothbrush & the printing.

Kewalraj has now started supplying dental kits to various Hotel Chains, Hospital's, Dental Associations, Dentists, etc. Also Kewalraj supplies Toothbrushes to various Hotel amenity suppliers.

We have developed a range of Dental kits with various Toothbrush model options, Toothpaste options & offer Anti Bacterial Hygiene caps with all Dental kits. Hygiene caps were introduced for hygienic purposes but also solves the problem of not using plastic wrappers for the kits hence making it more eco friendly.

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