Responsible Practices

Corporate Social Responsibility

Kewalraj & Company has taken a major innitiave of using Solar power in one of its plants & has installed a Solar capacity of 85 KW. This has hugely helped KR reduce its carbon foot print & also in-turn save power or electricity. Our Solar power generation also supplies power back to the grid when there is extra unused generation.

Also we have installed Roof Ventilation Turbines in all our plants to reduce the usage of electrical exhaust systems. This again reduces our carbon footprint. also, Roof vents need to move hot, humid air from the attic to the outdoors, so that humidity doesn’t build up and cause, mold, rot or other moisture problems. Since turbines are attached directly to the roof, they can siphon away that moist & hot or cold air effectively. No need for an energy source: Turbines are what we call passive vents, which means they don’t need an energy source to run – just a little bit of wind, which is usually present on rooftops even during relatively calm days. That means they move a lot of air without incurring any electric costs, ever.

CSR - Kewalraj & Co.

Kewalraj & Co. also has tied up with DEEDS For the Deaf ( & have employed Deaf people in our packing department. This makes these special people more self reliant.

Kewalraj & Co.