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With the help of next-generation technology, Kewalraj  responds quickly to the changing needs of customers by providing products of high quality & realiability.

Kewalraj is commited to quality and innovation. 

By offering a comprehensive range of services and a customized customer experience, Kewalraj is the ideal partner in the development and delivery of quality dental & personal care products.

Kewalraj stringent quality management standards are maintained throughout the organization. Each member of the Kewalraj team is fully committed to delivering the highest quality product that customers have come to expect.

As a final step, Kewalraj Quality Assurance department continually evaluates brushes & other manufacturers products through a series of tests to measure stability, finishing and cleaning performance.

GMP (Good Maufacturing Practices)

Our factories maintain the upmost GMP & to maintain good GMP all production procedures are carried out in-house with State of the Art Machinery to maintain the highest standard of Quality control. 

Kewalraj has been working to achieve and maintain high GMP standards for years and has also been awarded the Tynex  by DuPont, USA for addresing and maintaining high quality standards in toothbrushes manufacturing.

Investing in Quality Can Lead to Outstanding Returns

End Rounding

Every ToothBrushes manufactured by Kewalraj factories are End rounded.

You may ask What's the purpose behind soft end-rounded bristles on a toothbrush?

Some toothbrushes have rough edges. End-rounding eliminates these rough edges, reducing the chance of injuring tissue with jagged bristle edges.


Replace your brush when the bristles begin to spread. A worn out toothbrush will not properly clean your teeth and may harm your gums and teeth