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Kewalraj & Co. was started in 1953 and has been in the business of toothbrushes & personal care products manufacture since the last 50 years. Established as a partnership firm, it has been owned and controlled by the Malhotra family since inception. It is one of the pioneering enterprises in its field of business in India.

The firm's business philosophy has been
"commitment to quality and customer satisfaction" and this has enabled the firm to grow from it's tiny origins into a global business enterprise.

The firm has facilitated business process outsourcing for major corporation and has over the years, have been doing contract manufacturing for household names such as Colgate, Unilever, Oral-B and Ciba-Giegy.

The firm also manufactures and markets toothbrushes under it's own registered trade name Ozette , which is making inroads into the local market. It is currently the highest selling toothbrush in the defense sector

Kewalraj & Co. has 3 factories with 325 employees located in and around Mumbai (Bombay), India all of which are equipped with state-of-the art machinery made by M/s.Boucherie of Belgium.

The total combined manufacturing capacity of these factories is currently placed at 3.5 million toothbrushes per month.

Over the years, We have facilitated business process outsourcing and have had as its business partners, major corporation such as

Ciba Giegy.
Colgate - Palmolive
Hindustan Lever (Subsidiary of Unilever)
Gillette (through its subsidiary Oral-B)

We have been exporting our products to various countries all over the world, including

England, France
Australia, UAE
Russia ( USSR)
Various African countries
Various Middle-Eastern countries.